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He says he can’t fall asleep without me
placing a smile between his cheek-bones.
So I ripped the framed frown
from my face
and placed it upside-down, under his nose.

He complains the frame ain’t big enough.

I gaze into thin air, expressionless.
I do not have an ounce of my soul left to give
but maybe if I cry hard enough, I could quench his thirst.

Maybe framed frowns, plastered upside-down
in its simplest form -are still framed frowns.
But they were plastered with lasting sacrifice and sticky love!

It hurts to hand out your heart and to be criticized for the way it’s gift-wrapped.

You tear me into pieces so you can feel your happiest
while I collect the tears dropping;
I measure up my sadness.

You’re thirsty for sweet dreams..
and I’m starving just to fall asleep.

Britta B.

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