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Contrary to popular belief.. I am not the easiest person to get along with. I might have the energy of a bio-nuclear weapon but as a consequence, quite damaging. At times, I get caught mid-air; uncertain of my intended direction and amongst the commotion I lose composure, releasing a radioactive substance that deteriorates anything within a tongue-to-face distance. And without empathy for those who are harmed by it.

Perhaps it’s a learned social construct to treat the ones you love the most, the worst because you depend on them to always be there to forgive you for the pain you caused. But in the end you only hurt yourself if you ever grow to have any sense of value. So, I am sorry. Sorry for allowing you to fall into the fasad of my fairytale attributes and making you believe that it would be easy to love me when truly, it’s not.

Imagine you have a garden of pretty girls. Now in that flower bed, I’d be the cactus.

So as you can see, I’m no tulip but always in need for you to shower me with affection cuz eventually with all that moisture, the prickly little hurtful parts of me will soften.

Who knows what the fuck any of that literally means, but in figurative speech, I think it gets at what I’m trying to say:

I love you. And I know sometimes it’s hard to love me back.


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