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I expect to lure you with my impetuosity for living in the moment.
You’ll follow my enthusiasm for extreme adventure
and be caught unexpectedly between me and the dressing room mirror
at the Gap.
You were just trying on a simple black v-neck shirt when I crept inside,
while no one else was looking.
Immediately, you ask what I’m doing in here and lightly motion towards the door
as if not to offend me.
But I’m adamant and stubborn.
You’re going to have me exactly how I want you to.
l wrap my right hand around the nape of your neck
and with my left, I unbutton your jeans.
You stiffen with fear and become sensitive to my intent all at once.
I kiss the part of your chest that’s bare from your v-neck
and begin to pull your pants down, just to your knees.
Although it’s obvious that you disagree with this encounter
the evidence shows too much physical excitement to resist temptation.
I turn around, lift the back of my skirt and shove myself around you.
Involuntary moans cannot be controlled
however, they combust as silently as possible.
Adrenaline soars through my veins
I want the whole world to see how well you please me.
I think about opening the door to let others watch
but you grab hold of my hand before the thought transforms to action.
I begin to groan a little louder,
and you wrap your palm tightly around my mouth.
Your thrusts begin to bend to faster rhythms
I hold my breath for as long as I can.
I want every stranger in this city to know how good you fuck me.
My head hits the mirror as I try to lift it to look back at your work;
you get closer and deeper
I get open and clearer.
A silent, hard exhale stains both the mirror and the back of my neck.
Bodies concave from the indecency of what just occurred,
You decide out of pity -not preference-
to buy the 95% cotton, black v-neck short-sleeved shirt.

Britta B.


One Comment

  1. Damn Britta. I think I might take him shopping ASAP so I can play out the fantasy that this poem just helped to create in my head. GREAT work

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