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I will do anything for you to love me.
I will murder a stranger in the parking lot
I will injure dogs leashed up to bike racks
waiting for their owners to come back
I will mime for the blind
I will speak to those with learning disabilities solely in metaphor
I will stop eating just to save enough money
to go to the store
and buy the precise ingredients that make me worthy
Walk four moons with bare feet in the coldest
Canadian winters in search of that store
and never be satisfied with what I find.
I will deprive myself of sleep,
social interaction and water for weeks
I will risk getting fired from my job, forget to pay tuition debts,
ignore phone calls from family and friends
I will run out into the middle of an intersection during rush hour
fall to my ashy knees and beg, please, love me.
I have nothing else to give.

Britta B.


  1. Oh man… this poem is (no, WAS) so true it made me cringe…

    • mmmm.. cringe. Such a good word. I must make use of it!

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