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I beg time to pull me out from this
abandoned playground where my
heart is as bent as a spiral, steel slide
wrapping around wicked delight
and my patience is as cramped
as sand spilling from knuckles
and where my feet collect the dust
of skeletons instead of stones.
I don’t want to become too familiar with this place.

I’m guilty as charged;
I took a hit of emphasis laced with zeal
and fell in love with an imaginary friend
After that, I got into a fist-fight with acceptance
because I questioned why I hadn’t heard from him
I have a knack for loving the unlovable,
the kind to haunt like gospel music at funerals

What a lovely way to burn.

I’m forced to confront everything I’ve been wrong about
How pretty things make me volatile
How convenient it is to be unreliable
How much it hurts to heal

Pull me away from this playground, I beg
But please protect our landmark..

Britta B.



  1. Super.

    What a lovely way to burn, wondeful ironic statement that captures the tone.

  2. I love this especially the last stanza. AWESOME metaphors! 🙂

    • thanks so much for the love! If you have any feedback for me, I’d appreciate your opinion. You’ve definitely read a lot of my work, so I know I can trust your perspective (:

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