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How close can I get to you without
you seeing me without
you hearing me breathe without
you feeling me touch you?

I want to be as close to you as possible
but you resist my wishes.
Throw your store-bought flowers
onto the garden bed…

Read my name and the dates printed below it
Remember the moment you came into my life
Remember the moment you left
Think about how we lost touch
Think about how you lost time
being with me
being without me
Think about how you stopped
paying attention
And how the only thing you’ve spent on me
since then is the grimy paper you exchanged
for those freshly cut flowers.

What did you do with all that time?
Who replaced me in your mind?

Don’t have to hold my hand
Don’t have to hold me
Just come
Close to me

Take notice how you stand over me.

Britta B.



  1. My obsession with time and memories led me to read this poem. It’s intriguing and brings an awkward sadness to me. Maybe I feel guilty? Thanks for your words. =]

    • My obsession led me to share it… Try search for the “why” behind your guilt, accept it and fix it. There’s always time to forgive yourself 🙂
      Thanks so much for reading, and most of all, for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Again, a brilliant poem, love it 😀

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