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1. The lack of security cameras in the mailroom of the apartment building I lived in when I was in sixth grade. I would open tenants’ out-going mail during Christmas time, throw the cards signed ‘with love’ in the trash and keep the money that was inside.
My dad, the Superintendant of the building worried, “Somebody’s breaking into the mailroom again.” 

Since then, I’ve learned that getting caught is nothing compared to guilt.  

2. Getting cut from the volleyball team in seventh grade. That’s how I learned who my real friends were. Funny how a little competition can make you do that, huh?

3. The four courses I failed in university: EC120, SP202, BI396F, and PS270. Well, clearly I didn’t learn anything from that experience. But look at that pretty face on the cover of Laurier’s 2008 view-book!

4. Basketball. Playing, coaching, refereeing, watching, filling water bottles –it was all worth it. I learned the importance of teamwork and that the pre-party is on Fir St. NOT First Street.

5. My high school English teacher making a mockery of my poetry with that stupid red pen.
“This is an essay assignment. Please re-write and follow the instructions.”

6. The day my dad took me to a talent agency and the man standing behind the counter looked at me and asked, “What did you do? Pluck your eyebrows with a pair of pliers?” It hurt at the time but I can laugh now.

Life is good at planting little treasures for you to cherish at a later time. At first, the digging may cause a bit of discomfort but once the scar tissue heals, you’ll find youself better for it.

7. The cities, towns, and communities I have visited. I think I listen better on the road. I have learned a lot about the world through my travels and have gained a greater sense of freedom.

8. For you. Whether we’ve shared a bag of chippies together, just met, brushed shoulders, or slept under the same sky, you mean something to me. You inspire, reconsider and create who I am. Thank you.  

Britta B.



  1. It’s always a pleasure to have one more moment where we can understand eachother. i appreciate that the experiences you have influence where we each come from because it helps us grow as individuals as well as a great team ! thank u and ur life.

    Anto 😛

  2. Sounds like ur dad was a real jerk!!

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