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Today I had the leisure of going on a nice autumn adventure to my neighbourhood’s Value Village. For those of you who don’t know, Value Village (or the double Vee) is a very popular second-hand thrift shop here in Canada. I managed to pick up a few new vinyls to add to my collection of one, all from Canadian artists/bands that I never heard of before.

At first, I was hoping to find a few artists that I actually enjoyed listening  to, but then I decided to indulge based solely off the ones I thought had the most interesting album artwork. I came across a group called “General Public” and liked the way they had all of these interpretations of what a “hand to mouth” (their album title) looks like.

When I came home, I searched for their music on YouTube and found a video for “Too much or nothing”. The video was ridculously too long (intended perhaps?) but I still like the theme of this song.

What do you think? Does everything really come down to being either ‘too much or nothing’ or is there an in between?

Britta B.

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