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It’s hard for me
to remember the last time I smiled at myself
because you occupy my mind-
I tell myself that that could be a good thing or a very good thing
Either way, I’m doomed

I hate the way
I have to love you from afar
because being together physically
will never do

“Time prevents everything from happening all at once”
I think that’s what someone said
while failing to mention that love prevents the existence of time

How could you ever know how much I think of you?
Unless, of course, you recognize my smile
in the dark of your blinks
in the crease of your palms
in the bends of your knees and arms
in the light, gentle way your tongue clings to the roof
of your mouth when you think you’re not thinking of anything at all

I want to bring you to the place
where so much is understood
without anything ever being said to one another
but it wouldn’t be logical

It would be so illogical to follow our hearts

Britta B.

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    • Know-Me aka Naomi
    • Posted November 3, 2011 at 10:51 pm
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    Your timing could not have been any better! Just beautiful, and exactly what I needed to read. 😉

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