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I have to strap a smile across my face
like a muzzle to hold my tongue back from
licking enough of your vocabulary to get a taste of
what it’d be like to come from your mouth

The very thought of you peels my mind from the
inside out
like my insight
is outside of itself, dancing around you like dust
fallen from ceiling fans
like a deck of cards
unleashed in a hurricane
You throw me against myself
and crumble the great walls of my ribs
I bet you’re smart enough to
take what you can get
Maybe I am, too

I can’t be the girl I want everyone else to see when I’m with you
She doesn’t believe in fairytales
But you got my arms hinged open to the sky
like a 19th century chandelier (the kind with lit candles)
and I’m melting down
to my Cinderella knees for you

Oh, the pain I’d pay to please you!
It would do me no pain at all since I’m pleased to please you
I’m pleased to do all the dirty things
you make a pretty girl like me do

I’m already craving things I thought I’d never try

Like the weight of your limbs
pressed along mine, shaking me still
Like the echo of angels’ hum-de-dums
padded to the walls, drowning out
the rise and fall of our sighs…

I’m going to surprise myself tonight

Britta B.


One Comment

  1. Your play on words is….utterly amazing!! I had to read the 1st 4-5 lines 2 times lol….just because I wanted to. *snap snap*

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