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Easy to remember
Hard to forget 
How you feel
How your kiss
Leads me to a place of commotion
At the slowest, most gentle pace
How you welcome me like a city sign
And you’re not even from here
You’re from a possibility born
Not too far away from my imagination

From the first time I met you,
I knew I’d need to meet you again
Somewhere quiet and alone
Lying down with time
To think and reconsider
To share more than a complimentary smile or conversation with you
To sacrifice my obsession with the past
And be new in the moment with you
Monuments, created by what we’d do together

Dare me to get lost and
I’ll look into your eyes …
See the way you see me and believe
All of the things you say you see when you see me
And I’ll have to leave the comfort of my own homelessness
Because I will have found the love letters 
You wrote to me
Before you ever knew what my address was

Before I ever knew your name
When I needed to be new
And known
By you
I could feel you in my head

Britta B.


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  1. ❤ it!!! *snap snap*

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