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The woman claims to have trouble sleeping
Falling asleep and staying asleep
But has no problem closing her eyes when she kisses
No problem lying down with a man

She wears down the mattress with too much of her mind on her heart
And not enough heart to tell it to leave
She is strong in her weakness
Inviting men into her sleepless patterns of sleeping together
“Keep me company,” she requests over the phone
As the sun tucks itself away onto the bottom shelf of the world
Sometimes it’s just the weight of a person beside you in bed
That makes you feel safe enough to disappear for awhile

Her qualms are valid; what if I forget to wake up?
What if I fall into a sleep so deep
I forget all that I am?

It’s funny how no matter how many details of dream you can recall,
You can never quite recall it the way
It precisely occurred

To the woman, falling in love is just the same as falling asleep-
A lot of work

A lot of her mind going to a man’s heart lying
Thirty thousand feet away from his head
When she’d rather lay with him, skin breathing skin
Limbs stacked on limbs
And dreaming
With her eyes open

Unable to explain the truth

Britta B.

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  1. Love this one .

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