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I am a jigsaw puzzle

Puzzled as to why
I cut myself up to fix the parts that don’t fit
just to fill myself with the bits of you I can’t change

You got me. I fucking miss you. OK?
You’re the one I can’t say NO to.

You’re the one I can’t say NO to.

How come I miss something that hurt so bad?
Like the way you would look at me in those brief moments
that you forgot about yourself

Since I wanted more, we were always lacking something

I tried to love the gloom out of you
but you’re a hurt person

I can’t solve your denial

I’m troubled by affection
and intimacy
because your face is sewn into the curtains of my eyes

You invade my privacy like a stranger asking for, “Time?”

I can’t forget about the time you made me feel the way
you made me feel

I am sorry for my lovers;
I see you snapping each of your ribs like pencils just to
open up more space for me to breathe

Thank you.

I see you rolling out the red carpet of your heart just so I
don’t have to walk through another puddle of my tears
Thank you.

But tell me…
What good is your love gon’ do if he’s in my head?

Britta B.


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