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this is personal,
the real me

I am afraid to get out of bed most days
because I don’t think I can live up to who I am
…and I blame the linen

for not letting me go

yet I am rejected
I am incongruent,
mispronounced in frequent conversations
that I’m convinced people are having about me
but just because I can hear their voices between my eyes
it doesn’t mean that I can see them

I couldn’t recognize myself in a fitting room
so who’s to say I know what belongs?

the lips of my ears mouth the words, “Get up,
you’ve been through much worse” as the grind of my forehead against the wall
barks back, “I know, but this still hurts”

this still hurts; it hurts
to be this still

every second

Britta B.



  1. kilohertz
    every second.

    That’s brilliant, that’s such a loaded line of poetry, I don’t even know what to do with myself. But I need to start my own wordpress soon, or I’m going to fall in the back of the poetry bus. I am inspired by you.

    • Good, love. Get your blog started now. “How soon ‘not yet’ becomes never.”
      Excited to watch you grow with me (:

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