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They say, “Everyone smiles in the same language”
But what does the rain sound like in France,
Columbia or Saudi Arabia?

What does Chinese food taste like in China?
Or how about green curry in Thailand?
How do Egyptians get sand out of their eye?
And what is it that’s keeping people up at night in the city that never sleeps?
I wonder if we share the same dreams…

I wish I could pack up my bags and take ’em down
to the fastest way out of this town
Dive heart-first into a crowd
full of foreign faces
Untie my laces, wiggle my toes
and dig my feet into the soil of what somebody else calls ‘home’
I want to find myself getting lost
in the middle of the world everyone else seems
to think they know
so well.

Britta B.



  1. Hey Britta B!

    Just saw ya trottin down queen street in tdot. I hope everything is going marvelously! It was great to see your face (and hair); definitely made my day. 🙂 thanks for being one of the biggest inspirations ever to come into my life.

    Joseph Potter
    Former 2010 Academy participant

    • haha no way!! Next time stop me so I can say hi 😀
      Hope all is groovy, Joe!

  2. i LOVE this!!!!

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