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  1. Hello, I just came back from “When Sisters Speak 2013” I thought your performace was the best by far! Your piece that you did with your “I dare you to fail” comment resonated so deeply it almost made me cry. Standing up and going out to ‘DO’ just that.
    You are original! Best wishes.

    • Thank for your energy last night and your kind words today. I truly hope you pursue those passions!

  2. So Britta B, I saw you at a library of all places eating your lunch and honing your wares, or so I presume (but truth be told I was intrigued by something as mundane as your hair). You told me your story and I said you were brave, but little did I know the truth of that description. You see I looked you up and saw you on youtube and I must tell you it was a revelation . It is a wonder to see the combination of vulnerability, energy and dare I say power in those performances. So if indeed it is worthwhile to tell someone what they see in them (as you suggested), then I can tell you I see strength and poise and talent. Those attributes don’t just show up they are developed and honed, thanks for sharing them. It seems I got more out of our meeting than just a good conversation.

    • Bob!! Thanks so much for writing to me and checking out my work. Sorry it took me so long to see this, I haven’t been looking at my blog that often. Anyway, I hope you are well. I very much remember our talk and have good news to share if I get the chance to bump into you again.

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