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Is the cocoa butter not as moisturizing as promised? Want to know how to capture that “fresh out of a steam room” glisten? Try Johnson’s Baby Oil!

I love looking like I just stepped off an R&B music video set, especially when I’m dressing to impress. Regular lotions and moisturizers just don’t do the trick and can often smell funky. Baby oil promises that sunkissed shimmer and I always get compliments on how smooth my skin is.

I did some research on the side effects of using this product because I actually use it religiously (like a prayer, everyday!). It’s completely made of mineral oil and is known to clog pores, cause acne, skin irritations, and even premature aging of the skin. Wow, I didn’t know it was that detrimental.

The site highly recommends to never use baby oil, especially on a baby. Instead, it suggests trying organic baby oil (which costs ~$20 a bottle) or Aloe Vera gel. I’ve used Aloe Vera gel before in my hair, mistaking it for hair gel, and it left my hair looking ultra sheen. (But that’s not today’s tip!)

Back to the baby oil -I love it, and rate it 5 glass slippers (out of five). It’s cheap and works or me. Use it now for that greasy glow!

Britta B.